A Global Service Design Community of Practice

One of our missions at Practical Service Design is to build community. In November 2015, we launched the Practical Service Design virtual community of practice to create a safe, low-barrier-to-entry space for people to connect around all sorts of things service design. Since then, over 4,500 people from all over the world have joined!

In the community, you can: discuss service design methods and mindset, ask and answer questions with your peers, attend virtual community events, find other SXD-interested people near you, and learn about upcoming service design events, job opportunities, and resources. 

Click the link below to signup and get an invite to our Slack community! Please include a LinkedIn or Twitter (or something) so we know you're a real person and have a real interest in service design. 

Already in? Login here: https://practicalsxd.slack.com and check out our community’s Guide to Getting Started on Slack