Map out key scenarios. Solve end-to-end problems. Facilitate your first service blueprinting session!

You will learn what it takes to organize and run a service blueprinting workshop, synthesize the output and generate actionable work for your organization, and grow your service design skills as a trained service blueprinting facilitator!

In this class, you will:

  • Learn what a service blueprint is, what it’s good for!
  • Plan out your service blueprinting project
  • Learn how to facilitate a blueprinting session
  • Learn each step of the blueprinting process
  • Understand what to do with the output of your blueprint

Use this class to learn how to do service blueprinting. This class will help jumpstart you towards completing your first real blueprinting project!

View a sample lecture right now and see if the class is for you

2 hours of video

Get practical, video instruction and watch a simulated blueprinting and synthesis session in this course. See how to blueprint, facilitate, and what to do when you're done!

Worksheets, Templates, Guides

Get worksheets to help you learn this method, templates to kickstart your workshops and processes, and guides to keep you informed and teaching those around you how to participate!

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