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Our complete class in facilitating your first service blueprinting session. In this class, you will learn what it takes to organize and run a service blueprinting workshop, synthesize the output and generate actionable work for your organization, and grow your service design skills as a trained service blueprinting facilitator!

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Definitely go join the Slack community, it's the #1 place to talk service design and find others just like you. And, you have access to both @erik and @megan in Slack to ask questions or make suggestions about how we can improve!

And be sure to check out the all-new Mural template so you can get started right away without needing to install any software.

If you're new to service design, you can also check out the Service Design 101 page to get your thoughts jumpstarted.

We are very grateful that you want to check out our book and learn more about the Practical Service Blueprint format! Never hesitate to reach out!