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We believe that the root of all great customer experience lies in not only how you design, but also how you deliver. We get excited by looking at the real, human journeys that organizational systems and processes produce, and optimizing and improving them in ways that provide benefits not only to customers but organizations as well.

This is why we’ve launched PSD Consulting, as a way to find and collaborate with like-minded individuals and teams that want to get practical in leveraging service design methodologies in immediately applicable ways.

We believe that service design is a way forward for both delivering quality experiences to your customers, as well as helping your teams analyze, diagnose, and optimize their backstage processes and work.

We’re not your average consultants. We’re practicing service designers in real work contexts, applying these methods and mindsets daily to our work, and we want to share them with you and your organization.

Practical & Actionable

Focus on generating actionable insights and real work that goes into your roadmaps and product backlogs, both tactical and strategic.

Hands On & Empowering

Dive right in with hands-on, applied methods that teach you to fish and enable and empower your team

Tailored & Accessible

Streamlined, tailored approach to your opportunity space, laser-focus on the problem at hand, optimized process to make service design accessible to people and teams who’ve never done it before, and “just enough” theory to help you get moving.

How We Can Serve You

Together, we’re defining a new, practical approach that meets the needs of our digitally-connected world, where the lines between products, software, and services are disappearing, and designing for how we serve the human need is more important than ever.

Practical Service Blueprinting Workshops

Through service blueprinting, you can generate powerful alignment for cross-functional teams on the end-to-end of your service, and uncover both tactical and strategic areas of opportunity to improve your service experiences. In our blueprinting workshops, we aim to "teach you how to fish" as well as facilitate the blueprinting process.

We will partner with you to:

  • Assess service ecosystem and opportunity spaces
  • Identify key scenarios
  • Blueprint key scenarios
  • Facilitate identification of tactical and strategic improvements
  • Develop future state concepts and gap analysis

Practical Service Design Workshops & Trainings for your team

Beyond blueprinting, we can help facilitate a number of educational trainings and workshops for your team. If you're interested, let's discuss what might be the best approach to meet your goals. 

Some examples of workshops and trainings:

  • Training: Intro to Service Blueprinting
  • Training: Intro to User Interviewing
  • Training: Intro to Customer Journey Mapping
  • Workshop: Touchpoint Mapping
  • Workshop: Touchpoint Strategy 
  • Workshop: Service Value Positioning
  • Workshop: Stakeholder Mapping
  • and more! Let's talk...

Service Design Project Coaching

Service design is new to many organizations, and we know what it's like trying to get projects off the ground. We want to help support you as you develop your ideas, make the case, plan your approach, and make it happen. We can be a resource for you as you take on new challenges, go face-to-face with difficult stakeholders, and help you strategize on next steps. Think of us as thought-partners who can offer both tactical and strategic advice and help along the way.


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