Community Leadership

It takes a village to run a community. We acknowledge all the Community Leaders who invest their time, energy, and passion into creating a safe, fun, and meaningful space for those interested in service design to connect worldwide.

If you are interested in volunteering and becoming a Community Leader, please join the #community-planning channel and introduce yourself!

Erik FLowers

Co-founder and Deal Maker
Service Design Leader, Intuit

In slack @erik

Megan erin miller

Co-founder and Community Champion
Service Design Leader, Stanford

In slack @megan

Nathan lucy

CEO of XWORX & Chair of SDN St. Louis

Slack @nathanlucy

Antonio Starnino

Freelancer in Milan

Slack @antonio.starnino

Dave Hora

User Research at Instacart

Slack @davehora


Michael Schofield

Co Founder LibUX

Slack @schoeyfield

jonathan Kalinowski

Service Designer, Fjord

Slack @design.for.service

Vaughn Gunnell

Design at Williams Lea Tag

Slack @vaugun