Community Guidelines



  • Have respect and consideration for all members of the community.
  • Try to keep conversations to the correct channels.
  • Stay on topic. Our community is a community of practice for service design. If conversation veers too off on a tangent, we may ask you to move it to #shenanigans or to another platform.
  • Create a safe and welcoming environment! Anyone who is mistreating others or abusing information will be removed from the community.



  • Self-promotion that doesn’t add value
  • Trolling of fellow members
  • Offensive language or objectionable content
  • Posting links or content without context, and not creating conversation around it

Posting Articles

  1. Articles should be relevant to the community and relate directly to the community of practice
  2. The way articles are shared should be personal, considered and  should promote a conversation
  3. Members who share the their own articles should contribute to the conversation around those articles and should ensure that their own articles are not the only contribution they make to the community