Almost done!

Great! You're almost done getting set up in Slack. Here's what to do next... 

  1. Next: Check your email — Confirm your sign-up through the confirmation email sent to you from Mailchimp.
  2. Then... You will receive an invitation to join our Slack! (this is done manually, so hang in there, it takes a little time.) 
  3. Click to join the Service Design Slack: From the Slack invite email, set up your username and password for our Slack community.
  4. Once you're in... Review our Getting Started on Slack page to configure and set up Slack.


In the meantime

Definitely go check out our free ebook on Practical Service Blueprinting! It's a quick and easy guide that can get you started right away, and then you can head over to the #blueprinting channel in Slack to talk more about it and get help from others!

And be sure to check out the all-new Mural template so you can get started right away without needing to install any software.

If you're new to service design, you can also check out the Service Design 101 page to get your thoughts jumpstarted.

We are very grateful that you want to check out our book and learn more about the Practical Service Blueprint format! Never hesitate to reach out!